Revision History

Version 0.7.23

  • Updated to reflect change in YouMail API to access account preferences.

Version 0.7.22

  • Corrected time-stamp display issue where all dates for voicemails showed up as Dec. 31st 1969 7:00pm

Version 0.7.21

  • Work around for YouMail v4 API time-stamp issue
  • Removed audio dependencies no longer required for webOS version 1.4.1 and higher.

Version 0.7.14

  • Added ability to send a voicemail to Evernote
  • Added ability to send a voicemail to Notes by Inglorious Apps
  • Added ability to add a note to a voicemail
  • Updated contact integration to be webOS 2.0 compliant
  • Background processing now will clear the wakeup alarm before resetting it
  • Updated support links to point to the new site layout

Version 0.6.32

  • Corrected contact images in contacts list introduced in the 0.6.31 release

Version 0.6.31

  • Improvements to Contact’s Synergy.
  • Reading a voicemail transcription will mark it as “read”.
  • Corrected bug where deleting an unread voicemail did not update the app icon count.

Version 0.6.25

  • Support for 1x data stream.

Version 0.6.18

  • New Feature! Use the flag icon to set a callback reminder. Set the period of time you want to be reminded in and you will receive a dashboard notification reminding you to follow up on the voicemail. Tapping the clock icon will snooze the alarm or tap the body of the message to dial the person back. The Preferences now have settings to set the default Snooze time and Follow Up time.
  • Autodownload manager has been made more intelligent to alleviate interrupted downloads.

Version 0.5.52

  • New dynamic app icon. App icon will now show how many unread voicemails you have.
  • Asynchronous callbacks are now garabage collection safe thanks to the Palm Facebook team.

Version 0.5.46

  • Daylight savings issue corrected, voicemails will no longer be timestamped an hour ahead. (new messages going forward)
  • Corrected issue in auto-download feature where attempting to download more than 1 voicemail at a time would confuse the app.
  • Added ability to resync voicemails with server under Preferences in the app menu.

Version 0.5.43

  • Fixes to minimize issues caused by bugs in the WebOs 1.4 update.
  • Extended time to live for authorization tokens from 30 minutes to 24 hours to minimize authorizaiton attempts.

Version 0.5.41

  • Updated for WebOs 1.4 compatability.
  • Downloaded voicemails have moved to hidden directory so that they will no longer show up in the media player.
  • The auto-download preference has been updated to download voicemails automatically without having to play them first.
  • Downloading voicemails now have a status indicator. A down arrow for in progress and a check mark for complete.
  • Searching now includes transcriptions.

Version 0.5.32

  • Implemented Palm recommend HTTPS fix.
  • Corrected issue with dashboard updates.

Version 0.5.31

  • Initial release to Palm app catalog.