Revision History

Version 3.1.17

  • Dashboard notifications on TouchPad devices will now close when tapped and the app is launched.
  • CSS bug where elipses are show for package name should be corrected. User feedback needed to confirm all edge cases were addressed.

Version 3.1.15

  • Corrected white space trimming of tracking numbers upon entry.
  • Fixed a variety of minor defects in the TouchPad edition of the app.

Version 3.1.12

  • Full HP TouchPad support.

Version 1.1.33

  • Corrected defect in UPS package location reporting.

Version 1.1.32

  • Updated UPS tracking algorithm to reflect system changes.

Version 1.1.31

  • Updated FedEx tracking algorithm to reflect system changes.
  • Added a “Night Mode” feature that silences tone notifications during user specified hours since most package updates occur during the night.

Version 1.0.25

  • Add support for Neato! to send tracking numbers from your computer to your phone.

Version 1.0.12

  • Updated tracking algorithm.
  • Released to our friends in Canada. Canadian Post support coming soon!

Version 1.0.10

  • FedEx ETA will now display an actual date versus 00/00/00.
  • Packages that have a valid tracking number but have an initial status of “Waiting for System Update” will begin to track automatically once that update occurs. Previously users had to manually initiate that update to kick off tracking.

Version 0.9.710

  • Released trial version.
  • Improved tracking when server returns “Status Unavailable” for a package.
  • Added Improved bulletin system.

Version 0.9.61

  • Updated tracking algorithm to support changes made by shippers to handle the holiday season server load.
  • Attempting to Edit an package that has a status of “Status Unavailable” should no longer cause the app to freeze.
  • Added a tools section to the App Menu. You can now look-up or decode zip codes and find shipping locations near you based on an address or GPS location.

Version 0.9.53

  • Background notifications have been fixed.
  • Google Maps will now display packages progress.
  • Packages with “Waiting for System Update” should now begin to track automatically once the sytem becomes available.
  • Improved FedEx SmartPost tracking and detection.

Version 0.9.52

  • Initial release to Palm app catalog.