App analytics is key to understanding your user base. With understanding, you can focus your efforts more effectively and efficiently. Why guess on what to develop and where to market it? Metrix flat out tells you. Why reinvent the wheel to implement the most common aspects of mobile development? Metrix gives you the wheels, an engine, and a chauffeur to drive your app to success.

Metrix is the suite of tools designed to make this possible. It takes just minutes install, setup, and configure. Not only is it easy, it will blow your mind due to its usefulness. Did we mention it’s free?
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App Analytics

  • Updated in real-time
    • Know what your app is doing now, not 3 days later
  • Customizable Metrics
    • Create your own metrics to really understand your apps user base
    • Create custom reports for your data to display data how it makes sense to you
    • Export your data for easy backup
  • HTML5 Online Reports
    • View your reports from anywhere

Developer Tools

  • Auto Updater
    • Ensures customers always have the latest version of your app by automatically monitoring the catalog for new versions and prompting the user to upgrade.
  • Bulletin Notifications
    • Send full HTML communications to your users
    • Filter notifications to target specific user groups (app version, os version, location, etc)
  • Hot Patching
    • Patch your app without having to wait for formal review.
    • Minimize the damage of defects that squeak by and fix them on the fly
  • Remote Debugging
    • Work with users to solve those tough bugs live in the field
  • Dynamic Help System
    • Provides a universal help system to ensure your users get help when they need it most


  • Support for Multiple Ad Networks
    • Manage the mixture and backfill for each of your apps
  • One Simple Interface to Implement
    • Support the top ad networks in the industry with one simple interface


  • App Referral Program
    • Turn your users into a virtual sales force

Transaction Services

  • Provides Developers with an Easy Method to Support in App Purchases
  • Virtual Currency is Valid Across Apps
  • Transactions and User Accounts Handled by Metrix

Battle-Field Social Game Network

  • High Scores and Achievement Leader Boards
    • Top # of users
    • Time periods
    • Location
    • Social Networks and Circles
  • Social Network Integration
    • Allow users to post scores to social networks such as Twitter and Facebook
  • Create Social Circles
    • Users can follow and challenge other users
    • Provides common user profiles across games
    • Unlock content based on user participation