An End to An Era…

First off we would like to apologize for the the radio silence over the last few months.  A few months is a lifetime in the mobile technology timeline and we understand it can be frustrating for everyone with all the uncertainty.

First up we are saddened to let our users know we are dropping support for our webOS YouMail client YouView.  All though Pack ‘n’ Track was our first app, it was YouView that really made a splash.  However, YouMail has made some changes to their API that the legacy webOS phone software will not support and furthermore the user base although loyal is just to small to justify the work.  Although this chapter comes to a close, we have a long history with YouMail and doubt we are done innovating with such a great service

We will also be dropping support for Pack ‘n’ Track.  Although the TouchPad version of the app seems to be holding up, we know there are issues with the phone version.  Again we have a loyal user base, but the work involved with chasing the never ending API changes from the shippers could be better spent.

So what’s next? We are going to give Enyo 2 a shot as we have been monitoring the progress and have been very excited by the progress and cross platform support.  Who know what it will bring but we do know it won’t be limited to one platform or another.  Now that the dust has settled we will definitely be more active and look forward to new things to come.

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  1. laingman says:

    Since youview is the only visul voicemail option available to webos users, would you consider open sourcing the app or have some one take it over? We have developers who would be willing

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