Apache Cordova and JQuery Mobile Get Big Updates!

It has been an exciting for some of our favorite cross-platform tools.  Both Apache Cordova (fka PhoneGap) and jQuery Mobile have pushed major releases to the community.  Kicking things off earlier in the week was the Apache Cordova project with their 1.6.1 release.  This is a very big release for the project as it unifies all the development under Cordova-JS.  Previously all the development for each platform sort of lived in its own bubble maintaining their own JavaScript files that implemented an agreed upon API. Now under Cordova-JS, there is now a consistent unifying set of JavaScript files that implement the cross-platform API all under one repository. This meas that Cordova-JS is now on Android, iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry!

The release also includes a variety of bug fixes across the board and even a few new features sneaked in.  If you deploy your app on iOS you will be very pleased to find that the nasty local storage bug caused by the iOS 5.1 update has been fixed!  As always for all the goodness, check out the official blog post that highlights all the detailed changes.

Next up is jQuery Mobile with their 1.1.0 release. The most notable improvements in 1.1.0 are true fixed toolbars, completely re-vamped animated page transitions and AJAX loader, refined form element design and feature set, and improved documentation.  In addition there has been a tremendous amount of small and big bug fixes and enhancements.  The team has taken a real focus to performance and this release really marks jQuery Mobile as a production ready user interface library.

There is an abundance of details in the official release notes which you should definitely review especially if your upgrading from 1.0.1.

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