Introducing Tridoku – A Triangle Sudoku Game for HP webOS

Tridoku - The Triangle Sudoku Game!If you’re tired of the same old square-shaped numeric “brain builder”, then this is the app for you. Tridoku is the perfect “brain builder” app for ALL AGES. The rules are extremely simple; however winning will not come easy! Tridoku excels beyond its predecessors by ditching the traditional square game board for a series of eighty one interlocking triangles. The player must fill each and every triangle with the numbers 1-9 while satisfying the same criteria found in its Sudoku cousin.

In addition to offering unlimited game play that’s as rewarding as it is challenging, Tridoku is one of the most effective “brain builder” apps on the market, improving pattern recognition skills and developing new ways to pump some serious cognitive iron! Tridoku offers players over 500 puzzles of varying difficulty and uses a scoring system that rewards players for strategic cognitive thinking rather than simply tracking how fast you can solve the puzzle.

Seasoned puzzlers need not fret, as your tried-and-true Sudoku strategies will pay dividends in this style of puzzle, but be warned! Tridoku will have even the seasoned puzzlers scratching their heads to find that *perfect* arrangement of numbers!Find It In The HP webOS App Catalog

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