UPDATED: Apache Cordova (AKA PhoneGap) 1.4.0 Released!

Update: PhoneGap 1.4.1 was released this morning to address a bug introduced in 1.4.0 that disable orientation changes for iOS devices.

PhoneGap has released version 1.4.0.  Although from the change log it may seem Android got most of the love, this release has an abundance of fixes for all platforms across the board.

One very important fix for Windows Phone 7 developers thanks to Jesse Macfadyen (@purplecabbage) is when using JQuery Mobile, the ability to now define multiple pages/screens within a single document.   This had previously hindered many developers from porting their work to the platform.

Be sure to check out the full change log for the specifics and on GetHub for the latest cutting edge updates and or to help contribute to the project.

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