JQuery Mobile Announces 1.X Road Map

Today, JQuery Mobile, one of the top mobile user interface frameworks, blogged about their upcoming 1.x releases and their plan to consistently release updates every 3 months.  For developers new to the HTML5 cross-platform development strategy, JQuery Mobile is a javascript framework focused on providing a mobile user interface.  It can adapt your webapp content for either phone or tablet devices, and it can be coupled with a device framework like PhoneGap to create a cross-platform native application.

Release 1.0.1 will be primarily a maintenance and cleanup release after hitting their v1.0 milestone.  Developers should see this release available within the coming weeks.

Release 1.1 will look to smooth out page transitions and achieve true fixed toolbars. It will also add some other goodies such as AMD support and a new download builder tool. The AMD support will address framework dependency issues, and the download builder will allow you to build custom framework using only the pieces you need. Also in this release, the iOS-only touchoverflow feature will be deprecated. Implementing the fixed toolbars duplicated much of the code with similar performance, plus the fixed toolbars are compatible with any mobile OS.  Developers should expect this release to land anywhere from mid to late February.

While Release 1.1 will focus on the core of the framework, Release 1.2 should add some new widgets while phasing out some aging ones and do some additional cleanup. The JQuery Mobile team is still honing in on the scope of Release 1.2, but they have hinted at a new popup widget and a really cool utility dubbed Fetch Links.  Fetch Links can be used to make a tab strip, a slideshow, create a “load more” or “pull to refresh” feature in a list view, or simply update any portion of the page based on user activity.  Developers can expect this bountiful harvest of updates sometime in early Spring, 2012.

It is great to see such wonderful things coming for one our favorite cross-platform UI frameworks but don’t take our word for it. Check out the full blog post for all of JQuery Mobile’s technical goodies, and give it a try today!

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